Rusty Solomon: A Career of Rising Above His Peers

Unblemished success in the business world has propelled Rusty Solomon to his position as CEO for the Mandrien Consulting Group. The company has a prestigious reputation as a management consultation company that specializes in title insurance in the realm of the mortgage industry. Mr. Solomon’s talent, drive, and dedication has served him well in achieving a stellar reputation among his peers.

Rusty Solomon and his pedigree were well established before his current position. The Linear Title & Closing Company flourished while he served as the managing director. In this role, he affected policies and decisions on a national scale. Fields such as risk management, compliance issues, business process development, and quality assurance thrived under his direct style of management.

His illustrious employment history is a string of continual successes. NexGen Compliance Solutions hired him as their director. The business provided title and mortgage corporations a variety of solutions to implement or upgrade existing technologies to increase productivity. AdvantEdge Real Estate Systems used Mr. Solomon’s expertise for supervision purposes. The formation and implementation of personalized and unique solutions for real estate closings increased their business. The monthly averages for company closing’s improved to fifty million dollars.

Rusty Solomon began his business career at the Lightstone Group. Based in New York City, his term as an analyst was highlighted with the facilitation of the single largest real estate transaction in company history. Initially purchased for six hundred and thirty eight million dollars, the purchase was later sold to Simon Industries for over two billion dollars.

An examination of Rusty Solomon reveals accomplishment and achievement above and beyond the level of his peers in every stage of his business career. Polishing his skills as an analyst brought the Lightstone Group an impressive string of profits. The management style he has refined over the years has allowed a continual string of promotions and increased responsibility at every step in his career. By his personal drive and dedication, an air of unbridled optimism exists at the Mandrien Consulting Group. To this day, Rusty Solomon provides the example for his employees to emulate in his professional skill, integrity, and conduct.

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